Newcastle Mini Cranes utilises its specialised fleet of cranes, equipment and tradesmen to complete jobs of all sizes including civil works, agricultural and forestry, building and framework, plant and steel erection, as well as mining and engineering works, and machinery and pool installations.

Crane Hire & Sales
Our selection of cranes offer compact sizes and low overall operating weights, making them the ideal machines for confined areas and worksites with restrictive access. We can even hire out our cranes wet or dry, providing a range of options to suit your project's needs and budget. All of our cranes are CraneSafe approved and fully compliant under statutory authority requirements. Inspection documents are available on request so you can be sure we're providing you with the best of equipment that can easily operate at peak performance.

Labour Hire
Whether you're after wet crane hire, or you need more hands on deck to get your project finished on time, our qualified and professional team of operators and riggers can get the job done. All of our operators, riggers and doggers are ticketed with current green cards, ensuring they're up to date with the latest in safety requirements and on-site skills to get your work completed quickly and with the absolute minimum of risk. With such a diverse range of specialties on offer, from civil works, building and framework, plant erection, machinery installation and even pool installation, our personnel are efficient and cost effective no matter the scale of your contract.

Diverse Work Environments
Working in Australia means working in a harsh environment that's not always willing to make your construction job easy. Something as simple as getting work equipment to the site can be difficult thanks to narrow access points, internal or underground based operations, and even large bodies of water. That's why we provide a large range of mini cranes to get in and get the job done when others can't. Our range of truck-mounted, rough terrain, Franna, mini-crawler, and even float cranes offer superior lifting capacity while still having a narrow profile and providing pick and carry operations. Minimise your impact in sensitive agricultural and environmental or mining sites while still getting the maximum possible load capacity thanks to our agile fleet.