Trailer Cranes

Trailer Cranes

No two construction sites are ever truly the same and sometimes the demands of a project can make it difficult, if not impossible, to get your heavy loads and machinery in place.

That's why we trust in the Böcker range of Trailer Cranes to get the job done. Their low profile, high manoeuvrability and high payload capacity makes them perfect for a wide range of worksites, from residential to commercial, underground or indoor, and in sensitive locations such as mines or agricultural sites.

The sturdy aluminium mast system is designed to not only handle loads ranging from 800 - 1500kg at distances of 25 - 31m, but the abandonment of weld seams at inaccessible spots reduces maintenance costs, so you can put the high-strength aluminium alloy through high stress with confidence.

Not only does the trailer allow the crane to be repositioned by a range of on-site vehicles, its built-in variable support system provides independent adjustment of each outrigger in three positions. The maximum working range and limits are automatically adjusted with two separate safety circuits guaranteeing maximum safety.

All of this can be controlled remotely thanks to a precise radio-remote that provides clear and well-arranged displays for all operational data.

Böcker cranes come in petrol or diesel engine varieties, as well as bivalent (petrol/LPG) for the environmentally conscious. These powerful drive units ensure you're always able to lift the maximum load.

When you start using Böcker Trailer Cranes on your work site, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them. The wide range of accessories such as roof-tile clamps, tipper baskets, pallet forks and even solar panel platforms will suit just about any job, making them the perfect tool for the perfect result.